Saturday, March 23, 2013

I ask for your feedback Solutions always start with a Conversation

I watch as our children our grandchild go deeper and deeper into debt for college.

Just  an example of how our Congress and +President Obama are not in touch with the common man.

Steven Brill  just did an article in Time Magazine on health care; there is something that all our hospitals use for their billing it's called the Charge Master.

The Charge Master can vary from hospital to hospital. in short it's the cost a hospital would charge for instance  2-Tylenol  $75 !!!

No checks and balances!

Just like Mr.Brill is saying we have to look at the cause to find answers.

Our Congress and +President Obama seem to have their head in the sand.

All I am asking is before you dismiss my theory which I truly believe is a start to fix our Student Debt Crisis.

My theory is by far not the complete solution but it's a start.

It's a way to help Small business grow and with our graduates working together to reduce the debt and kick-start our economy in the middle where there will also be

Checks and balances!

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