Monday, March 11, 2013

How would a Reality Show help ProjectTuitionReimbursement

I have been working on this project for over 3 years now.

I had a set-back last year; I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

I first was scared not for me, but for my family. Then I got mad, again not about the possibilities of the cancer, but not being able to finish goals I had set for myself. These goals included family, work and this project.

When all was said and done. I had robotic surgery to remove my prostate. Cancer Free!

My wife Karen was a Saint she was there every step of the way. My employer is a Boss that most could only dream of having.

Now that everything is almost back to normal. I hope to achieve success now with ProjectTuitionReimbursement.

I had a year to listen to how our Congress and The President would fix this $Trillion Debt.
I saw no solutions from either. Their fix is to keep the student interest rates low and extent the loans to 20 years? I do agree these will help, but it will not wipe out the debt.

This was a long introduction to why a Reality Show will help.

I thought it was important you understand my commitment no matter what we are faced with in this life, and I wanted you to see my passion that common sense ideas will always work.

I had given you the statistic earlier over 47% of our congress are millionaires.

They don't live in the same world each of us face it day!

I saw a movie were the wealthy guy said he knew the pain of young mother struggling to provide for her baby  .

Her come back was OK then; if you know my pain how much is a gallon of milk?

The idea is to have a Congressman or Congresswomen for 1 month.

One Congressmen each month for a year will take the place of a college graduate could be a recent or a college graduate  who as been out several years that still has no other options, but to live at home with their parents.

Let them see first hand that these young people are not living at home because they are lazy.

Let them go out try to find and apply for that job.

You know the jobs our Congress and The President have been saying are available if you want to work. I think we all know the Governments slanted formula for job growth is a joke, The problem is no one is laughing
Let them see the inconvenience,

Let them see the privacy loss.

Let them see how it feels to wear the graduate's clothes (No $1200 suits) for a month !

Let them see how hard it is to live on just a few dollars a week.

Let them see how demoralizing  life truly feels not only to the graduates, but to the parents as well.

It would be worth it for only a week, but a month I know they would go back to Congress with a new understanding of what is happening to college graduates and better understanding of student loan debt crisis.

Our college graduates that have not place to turn except go deeper into to debt with Congress and the President Plan.

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