Monday, March 11, 2013

Hand Up Not a Hand Out!

I know some of you are thinking. Here we go again just another hand out.

I promise you this is not the way this program would work at all.

First the student would have to earn the opportunity to even be eligible for this program. Once they have been accepted by the employer there would be quarterly reviews to make sure the graduate is living up to the guidelines(contract) set up between the graduate and employer. If this graduate continues to succeed the program will continue.

Finally a program that has consequences!    " A Tax incentive that rewards success"

This program is not for that graduate that was a stacker in school!

Hard work is the success of this program!

This is a program for that graduate that when to school with a purpose and determination to make a difference not only for themselves, but realizing there is hard work and always a set of goals involved in achieving success.

We need programs that reward success. Programs that will help grow small business, and give our small companies a level playing field again. A program that reward our graduates that when to school with a purpose

.We need to" GROW OUR ENCONOMY". I know this program is a step in the right direction

There is room for this program!

I have spend the last several days reading articles from the heads of HR departments at several different companies; it seems there's a general consensus. The existing program takes their better employees away from work,taking courses not related to current employment, and some are leaving the companies that just paid for their education  to take a better job with another company?

How does this program in the current form improve these companies?

I don't want to shut down the existing program, but there is room for improvement, and room to include this program for our motivated graduates.

I want to leave you with this thought.

If we don't start bringing back our better qualified, motivated, college graduates to our small businesses. We are going to wake up one morning :

To a sea of Wal-Marts and small business will have died.

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