Friday, March 29, 2013

Pilot Program Trickle From The Middle Up and Down Theory

I know that Rome wasn't build in a day. I know the Student Loan Debt Crisis didn't happen in a day!

We need solutions! To lower the interest rate though it will help does not solve the problem.

We have a President and a Congress that is so out of touch with the everyday man.

They just don't live in the same world!

I had stated in an earlier post that I can promise you that our President and our Congress will not have to make this decision today

Do I pay my rent and electric bill and food or do I pay my Student Loan?

How many of our Congress are truly effected by the Student Loan Crisis?

I know that We could never get this added to the Present $5250 Tuition Reimbursement Program.

But we can demand that they give this Project a Pilot Program!

Our government throws our tax dollars away on program that have been started for no other reason than to get votes!

Welfare to Disability programs that are costing us the tax payers some $260 Billion Dollars a year!

No Checks and Balances!

There seems to be no accountability?

I am talking about a project similar to the existing $5250 Tuition Reimbursement Program.

Small Business and Graduates are matched to allow the graduate to used their knowledge to help the Small Business grow at a faster pace

There will be Checks and Balances!

Quarterly reviews. This will hopefully create a mentor for the graduate to help keep both on a path to helping this Small Business Grow much faster.

Teaming graduates and small business is the key to expanding the middle class.

The problem is most Small Business can't afford a salary to compete with our corporations!

A tax incentive that can really show success not failure!.........  "Too Big to Fail"?

A True Stimulus Program to grow the Middle Class!

I think the phrase as always been "Our middle class is the Back Bone of America"

It's time to show our work ethic as a nation!

Our economy gets a kick start in the middle!
Small Business and Graduates receive the initial benefit!
Jobs are created on both sides of the work force
Tax Revenue increase

The  Biggest benefit !

The Middle Class starts to Grow Once Again!!!!!!!!

I ask you to Prove that Project Tuition Reimbursement WON'T WORK!!!!

I want to honor Will Rogers that coined Trickle Down theory.

He used humor to let the our President and our Congress to know just how out of touch they were then!

Just as they are today!Pilot Program Trickle From the Middle Up and Down Theory

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Need Simple Common Sense Solutions

I know that my writing is by far not the best blog that you could read today.

My writing does come from the heart with a deep concern; that if we do not get this student loan debt
under control now.Our Children and Grandchildren will not be afforded the opportunity to go
to college,

We were told growing up work hard get a good education and the sky is the limit.

Today now please understand I do believe there should be help for poor,

but there should be checks and balances!

An article done by PBS shows were our  population of welfare citizens are being moved NOW to become

Disabled Citizens! sometimes receiving triple from what their previous benefits were!!

A program that is causing this group to be taught basically not to work and live off the government??

The $260 billion a year!!The largest waste of our tax dollars our country has ever seen!

Corruptions from within our country that our Congress and President Obama
seem to support?

I have a simple plan that would encourage the building of the middle class once again.

Checks and Balances

"NO Free Rides"

A Project based on a "True Work Ethic"  our Great Country seems to have forgotten.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Theory etc.........

If we truly want to help solve the problem of the student loan debt crisis we need a solution.

When a problem like the student loan debt crisis is allowed to grow at this speed $1 Trillion and growing and growing......

It becomes like a train out of control. When a problem gets to this point there is not just one solution.

There has got to be plan set up and followed!           ( Business 101? )

The one thing that I will continue to repeat over and over again till they understand!

Congress and +President Obama have no intention of solving the Student Loan Debt Crisis. They will continue to put a Band-Aid on it here and there. No real solutions to Student Loan Debt Crisis  just like our health care!

We have to make them understand they work for us. We pay their salaries, their special health care,

The term is called:   " Political Cronyism "

I am not asking for a hand out. I am asking them to fix the problems they have created.

I think a good start would be if all the money that our Congress and President Obama spent to get elected.

If they would donate just half of that amount  in the $ Billions!   Senator  $178,000 year???

The amount they spent  to get elected to a job;

NO!   I take that back to be a        "Career Politician"

This would be Giant First Step to fixing the Student Loan Debt Crisis!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I ask for your feedback Solutions always start with a Conversation

I watch as our children our grandchild go deeper and deeper into debt for college.

Just  an example of how our Congress and +President Obama are not in touch with the common man.

Steven Brill  just did an article in Time Magazine on health care; there is something that all our hospitals use for their billing it's called the Charge Master.

The Charge Master can vary from hospital to hospital. in short it's the cost a hospital would charge for instance  2-Tylenol  $75 !!!

No checks and balances!

Just like Mr.Brill is saying we have to look at the cause to find answers.

Our Congress and +President Obama seem to have their head in the sand.

All I am asking is before you dismiss my theory which I truly believe is a start to fix our Student Debt Crisis.

My theory is by far not the complete solution but it's a start.

It's a way to help Small business grow and with our graduates working together to reduce the debt and kick-start our economy in the middle where there will also be

Checks and balances!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Please Help Me Prove This Program will Work

I try to get feedback about the program from anyone that will listen.

This debt is not just going to magically disappear!

I am not a tax professional, but it seems to me if we give the small business the $5250 tax incentive to bring in that graduate that when to school to be an architect to work in small  architectural firm as an example.

The architectural firm gets the $5250 tax credit, This does not show as income so the graduate does not have to pay taxes on it. The graduate can receive up to a $2500 tax credit at tax time on loans they are paying off now. I would assume graduate would not get this credit unless they wanted to pay more on their student loans.

The benefit is we have created a job this small architectural firm could most likely not have fit into their budget. We have a graduate that went straight into the type of career they have spent 4 years if not more of their life to complete. The graduate  will know and understand the career they have chosen which will create success for the company and themselves.

We have checks and balance on this tax incentive because of quarterly reviews.

What it has done is put another graduate to work. A graduate that now has disposable income that they can put back into our economy;  which will start growing our economy again.This will create immediate results to the middle class.

I have spent more than 3 years now looking at our nations problems. I realize I could not make much of a difference trying to take on too many issues.

I decided I would take on an issue that will effect most if not all of us in the middle.
Do you realize what $1 trillion and this is a growing and growing...... debt will do to our youth and to us as parents with student and parent loans?

I ran across article after article about Will Rogers and how he coined the phrase Trickle Down Theory. He tried to make our politician see how" really out of touch they were and still are today with the everyday man".

I wanted to honor what Will Rogers tried to accomplish through humor

Trickle from the middle Up and Down Theory!

P.S. I have two responses from our Senators in Louisiana

Two that very seldom agree on anything both +Vitter and +Landrieu
Look likes same person wrote both letters!

We have voted to keep interest rate down!         Where are their solutions?

What will your Senators tell you??

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This Project is Just Part of the Solution!

 I get so excited when I think about the possibilities of what this simple program can achieve.

We will need more programs that create Jobs and pay down the Student Loan Debt Crisis.This Crisis did  not just happen over night!

In fact it was $241 billion a decade ago.In the first quarter of 2012 the debt was $904 billion. This is from the Federal Reserve Bank Of  New York quarterly household debt report.

That's UP  275% since the same period in 2003!

In the same article from CNN Money May 31,2012 by Tami Luhby

Student loans have more than tripled over the past decade, according to new data from the Federal Reserve! 

The explosion in debt has led many to warn of a looming Student Loan Crisis, though other EXPERTS say that education debt is Manageable.

I am trying to understand this line can someone help me? Who are these experts????

Do you realize that the debt was $904 in the first quarter of 2012 and now it's over $1 Trillion!

I would love for my Trickle from the Middle Up and Down theory to solve this Crisis.
It will be a start. 

We all have to have a conversations about this Crisis when ever we are with friends, family etc...

I want so bad to bring down this debt; an help to make a change in our student loan policies , but I need help from each and everyone of you !

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Your Mind is telling you No Your Heart is saying Yes

We are all looking to find an answer to solve our "Student Loan Debt Crisis" and the hits to my site are coming from all over America prove this.

I know sometimes when a solution it is too simple we tend to dismiss it.

I want you to ask yourself first, then a friend, Please comment back to me!

Trickle from the middle up and down Theory.

I know you are asking yourself this can't work. Why?

When a crisis comes we have to find answers.

Our Politician's want to kick the debt down the road. along the debt ceiling, health care...........

I want to try not to repeat questions from previous posts, but I think this one is extremely important!

Have you ask your Congressman or +President Obama how this "Student Loan Debt Crisis" is effecting their family?

I'm sure that "Not One" will have to make this decision tonight

Do I pay the light bill, my rent or Do I pay my the student loan?

Do have to live with my parents to pay my student loan back?

I ask you call them, email, write them, send letter  to your newspaper editors!

All that I ask if you don't think my Theory will work.

Tell me why!

The conversation is the first step to solving any problem!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Trickle from the Middle Up and Down Theory

Student loan debt is one of the fastest rising consumer debts in our Country.

 Please remember it's over $1Trillion and growing! and growing!..............

Our Credit Card debt which use to be our Country main concern is actually decreasing, partly because the consumer has more control over that debt.

The trickle down theory

The money goes through so many hands?

Think of who is going to benefit the most.

The new CEO is brought in with a multi-million dollar salary

The Bonus that is guaranteed  no matter if they" LOSE MONEY" for the company
you know the ones $10 million $20 million etc.....

If you are lucky enough to be able to read one of their contract ( Company Annual Report)

There is almost always the Golden Parachute The part of the contract that most of the time "Rewards Failure"

This is before the first job is created!

The Project Tuition Reimbursement rewards success only.

There are checks and balances every step of the way.

There are quarterly reviews where the graduate and the employer will have meetings to discuss either ways   to correct problems or better yet how to take their success to the next level.

If the graduate is not living up to the contract the graduate could be dropped from the program.

Our small business and our graduates will both receive the initial benefits from this Program.

This is where everyone starts to see rewards!

More jobs are created from the growth of the company.

Tax revenues will increase!

I believe the term our politicians would call this is   "Stimulus GROWTH"!

Our Country will now be Saving $$ on all the other tax incentive that would have continue under the Trickle Down Theory!

The tax incentives that only benefit a very few!

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Not more of the same old formula

The Outrageous Salaries!, The Outlandish Bonus!, No more Golden Parachutes!

Program Tuition Reimbursement

A "Real Solution" to our Countries Out of Control Student Loan Debt!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Match made in Heaven!

This Program is about getting our college graduates out of student loan debt.

This Program will also start to give small business a path to a level playing field against the Corporations that it seems are all becoming "Too big to Fail"

Can our country afford another bail out?

We should invest in this type program and others like it!

This Program is growing our country and economy! "Not Bailing them out."

Please stop an think of the Giant kick- start this could give our Country and our  Economy

It seems to me that our large Corporations, "Our Congress?" and + President Obama have not thought their Policies though.

If we lose the middle class

Who is going to buy their expensive cars, Stocks that no one can understand!

Think of the $ Billions that were spent on the first Bail-Out. We as a country have already given the "Too Big to Fail"  far too much for their failures.

This program is not about giving our graduates and small business anything they won't earn.

I have always hear   "Invest in the Future" Well here is our chance!

If the small business employer is giving them a quarterly review, hopefully a mentor is established! New ideas, new innovative ways to compete,thinking of  the new processes that can be developed so much quicker.

This is the kind of programs that will help our country grow and offer the opportunity for whole middle class to start growing once again

The idea of matching the graduate with an small business employer in the field they have given 4 years if not more of their lives to.

The field no matter if it's:

 a small Architect firm
 a Construction company
 a Retail store
 a Design firm
 the list can go on and on........

If you research our graduates, first they are not going into their field of study

A number of things contribute to this. I think # 1 is salary!

Our smaller companies can't compete and offer a salary the graduate can live on and pay their student loans.

Our small business will continue to grow but just at a much slower pace Wouldn't it make sense to help match our small companies with a graduate that would know the job?

I thought the whole idea of tax incentives were to grow our economy? We need to help both small business and the graduates. The major corporations don't seem to be helping.

This country became Great because of  individuals just like our college graduates and small business who have always had the tenacity to build the things dreams are made of.

I really want to make sure I'm clear
This program is not for that college student that is just getting by with no direction or desire!

I do hope this program will give hope and help light a fire,bring back the drive,because it seems some of our students have lost their will. I believe this because of the student loan debt that may follow them for the next 20 years

Then our graduates are hit again because they can't make ends meet. Our graduates are told that credit cards are good if managed? How does the graduate manage their finances if they are going further into debt month after month??

I know this is a major cause the middle class continues to become poorer and poorer year after year.

This program is for that graduate that when to school with purpose, a desire to be the best. It's not always the student with highest grade average. The Program will help match these small business with this type of graduate that will be dedicated and hard working

I believe that hard work pays off.

This Program  is "Not to Bail Out" for our graduates and small business.

It's a Real Tax Incentive that reward success !

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How many of our Congressmen are effected?

I think before we will be able to receive help from the Congress and + President Obama We have to realize that they are the only ones that can pass this legislation.

The question should be ask of each of them. How is your family effected by this $trillion debt?

I hope I'm wrong, but when I started this Project in 2010.There are 535 seats in both houses 47% of our Congress are millionaires!

Data from ABC on-line article November 16,2011. Their source

My question is; if you have never had to worry about do I pay my student loan or my light bill, or even my rent.

This comes back to the reason why so many college graduates are forced to move back home.

Our Congress is so out of touch with the average American.

Our Congress has voted into law so many tax incentive that only a very few receive the benefit.

I know in my heart that it's time to help our youth now before it's too late. This type of program gives our graduates a hand up not a hand out.

The graduates will have to achieve a yearly performance from the company to keep this program in place . We need to give our small business the tax incentive to hire our graduates. Programs like this will level the playing field.

Please remember our youth are the only hope for this Great Country.

Monday, March 11, 2013

How would a Reality Show help ProjectTuitionReimbursement

I have been working on this project for over 3 years now.

I had a set-back last year; I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

I first was scared not for me, but for my family. Then I got mad, again not about the possibilities of the cancer, but not being able to finish goals I had set for myself. These goals included family, work and this project.

When all was said and done. I had robotic surgery to remove my prostate. Cancer Free!

My wife Karen was a Saint she was there every step of the way. My employer is a Boss that most could only dream of having.

Now that everything is almost back to normal. I hope to achieve success now with ProjectTuitionReimbursement.

I had a year to listen to how our Congress and The President would fix this $Trillion Debt.
I saw no solutions from either. Their fix is to keep the student interest rates low and extent the loans to 20 years? I do agree these will help, but it will not wipe out the debt.

This was a long introduction to why a Reality Show will help.

I thought it was important you understand my commitment no matter what we are faced with in this life, and I wanted you to see my passion that common sense ideas will always work.

I had given you the statistic earlier over 47% of our congress are millionaires.

They don't live in the same world each of us face it day!

I saw a movie were the wealthy guy said he knew the pain of young mother struggling to provide for her baby  .

Her come back was OK then; if you know my pain how much is a gallon of milk?

The idea is to have a Congressman or Congresswomen for 1 month.

One Congressmen each month for a year will take the place of a college graduate could be a recent or a college graduate  who as been out several years that still has no other options, but to live at home with their parents.

Let them see first hand that these young people are not living at home because they are lazy.

Let them go out try to find and apply for that job.

You know the jobs our Congress and The President have been saying are available if you want to work. I think we all know the Governments slanted formula for job growth is a joke, The problem is no one is laughing
Let them see the inconvenience,

Let them see the privacy loss.

Let them see how it feels to wear the graduate's clothes (No $1200 suits) for a month !

Let them see how hard it is to live on just a few dollars a week.

Let them see how demoralizing  life truly feels not only to the graduates, but to the parents as well.

It would be worth it for only a week, but a month I know they would go back to Congress with a new understanding of what is happening to college graduates and better understanding of student loan debt crisis.

Our college graduates that have not place to turn except go deeper into to debt with Congress and the President Plan.

Hand Up Not a Hand Out!

I know some of you are thinking. Here we go again just another hand out.

I promise you this is not the way this program would work at all.

First the student would have to earn the opportunity to even be eligible for this program. Once they have been accepted by the employer there would be quarterly reviews to make sure the graduate is living up to the guidelines(contract) set up between the graduate and employer. If this graduate continues to succeed the program will continue.

Finally a program that has consequences!    " A Tax incentive that rewards success"

This program is not for that graduate that was a stacker in school!

Hard work is the success of this program!

This is a program for that graduate that when to school with a purpose and determination to make a difference not only for themselves, but realizing there is hard work and always a set of goals involved in achieving success.

We need programs that reward success. Programs that will help grow small business, and give our small companies a level playing field again. A program that reward our graduates that when to school with a purpose

.We need to" GROW OUR ENCONOMY". I know this program is a step in the right direction

There is room for this program!

I have spend the last several days reading articles from the heads of HR departments at several different companies; it seems there's a general consensus. The existing program takes their better employees away from work,taking courses not related to current employment, and some are leaving the companies that just paid for their education  to take a better job with another company?

How does this program in the current form improve these companies?

I don't want to shut down the existing program, but there is room for improvement, and room to include this program for our motivated graduates.

I want to leave you with this thought.

If we don't start bringing back our better qualified, motivated, college graduates to our small businesses. We are going to wake up one morning :

To a sea of Wal-Marts and small business will have died.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Real Stimulus Program

                                                  A Real Stimulus Program

I looked at the legislation to see if the $5250 tuition reimbursement Program could be used to pay back a student loan. It can not! The legislation in the current form is to send current employees back to school for more training to help increase the productivity of the employee,and to help their current employer to be able to grow and compete with their competition.

There are several states that are using the tuition reimbursement program to pay back student loans on the state level right now. These states are bringing back motivated, highly qualified, and a younger work force back to their states. Maine and Rhode Island were smart enough to understand the student loan crisis and use it to help each other.
Now the question is what would need to be changed in the legislation to include student loans on the Federal level?

Student loans have surpassed $1trillon dollars and recent government figures show nearly 10% of borrowers of federal student loans had already defaulted within two years of starting repayment. Two-thirds of the national college class of 2011 finished school with loan debt; the average of $26,600 up 5% from the class before!

The statistics above do not include "For-Profit Schools".
I believe the "For-Profit Schools" are going to cause a bigger problem than our public institutions!

 Data from USA Today October 18, 2012:

The President talks about taking a percentage of income from the graduate to pay off student loan over the next 20 years? This will help but, it’s more a ban-aide. The above statistic show that this is a problem that has to be corrected quickly. 

 I think we would all agree the cost of college will continue to be more expensive year after year until the average American will not be able to afford college any longer.

Small to medium size companies can longer compete on a level playing field. The large corporations with their purchase power continually grow the distance between large and small companies.

I would like to give you an example in a small retailer:

This is a newer company that has 7 different boutique store concepts. Their budget for a new hire is $11 to $ 12 an hour or about $24,960 a year. A recent college graduate her degree; a major in fashion merchandising with a minor in marketing. This seems like the perfect fit? How does she pay back over $400 a month in student loans, pay for an apartment, car, groceries, electric etc…. Now if she can afford to pay all these bills and nothing is ever left. Her job performance is going to suffer because all she ever worries about is the “WHAT IF” the car breaks down etc….or worst yet she starts running up credit card debt!

Now we offer the small company the tax incentive $5250 tuition reimbursement to hire this graduate. Two things happen here; the smaller company now has the ability to grow, prosper, and be competitive. The graduate that before could only make $11-$12 an hour in a small company like this now has a way of paying his or her loan back and can grow with this company. Now this graduate has a chance to live the American Dream. Buy a house, a car etc…….

Is this not what a Stimulus Program is supposed to do?

I challenge each of you to think of another small to medium size business it that could grow much faster, prosper quicker, increase their work force, increase tax revenue, the very thing that tax credits or incentives are suppose to do. A couple of things come to mind; a young architectural firm, and up start computer company, let your imagination run wild.

Our economy is a mess and getting worse everyday. It time to think outside the box! It seems our Congress and President answer is always more loans.Don't we have enough debt already?

We give our large Corporations, Banks, and Wall Street all of these tax incentives and credits that only they benefit from??? I thought that tax incentive and credits were to help us as a whole nation not just a select few?